The Athlete of the Week is chosen by Team/School’s Coaching Staff during the teams predetermined week according to the schedule provided below. Coaches should select a student-athlete that stands out based on their performance on and/or off the field. Coaches from other teams who are not designated that week may also submit the names of athletes who had outstanding performances. The executive will select up to two of the off-week athlete submissions per week making a total of four recipients for weeks 1 through 3 and five recipients for weeks 4 and 5.

Submission Information & Deadline

Coaches should submit their Athlete of the Week and the reason for their nomination on the date they have been assigned according to the schedule. Please include a photo and the mailing address of the selected athlete with the submission. Submissions should be sent to the OIWFA President.


Athletes of the Week will be mailed a small token from a sponsor company. (TBD)

Nomination Form


The sponsor for the 2016 OIWFA Athlete of the Week is East Side Mario's Woodstock.

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